Sunday, February 28, 2010

my son is seeing blue/green spots and lines

I have an almost 5 year old (in February) son. On Tuesday, December 8,2009 I noticed some very pronounced tics in him. He was doing shoulder shrugging, blinking, touching his chin to his chest, and opening his mouth while pulling down his nose. We have no family history (maternal or paternal) of tic disorders or tourettes. This is not what is concerning me so much. About 1 week ago he started to complain of seeing blue and green circles and blue and green spots along with some jaw pain when trying to chew. Two days ago he started to vomit and he does have a mild fever (100.5) that comes and goes. I took him to emergency(prior to the vomiting and fever) and they have referred him to a pediatric neurologist but say it will be months before we get in. He had a CT scan and nothing showed up, also blood tests and urine showed nothing concerning. Naturally I'm a little worried, and would like your opinion about this.

Thanks for taking the time.


Dear Lyne,

I can see that you are worried and rightfully so, however a lot of tics, or even mild epileptic attacks have an aura before a full episode, which may involve visual symptoms, the kind you describe.

Best way forward is to have a neurologist opinion on this more than an eye doctor's.

Since his tests have so far come normal, there may not be something urgent to worry about, however, even a good physician can guide you.


Dr Shroff